Feedback From Past and Present Clients



I have the highest regard for Rob McGough, for his intellect, effectiveness, and good legal instincts.  His understated, strong presence was consistently evident to all.  Rob had the right balance of efficiency, keeping me in the loop,  and respectful compassion.  He successfully negotiated and settled a contract, yet unpaid, of my deceased husband.  Until I met with Rob, I expected to walk away empty-handed.  Rob made sure that didn’t happen to this grateful senior citizen.  I have no reservation in highly recommending Rob.  I’ll not hesitate calling on him if the need ever arises.

Cathy E., commercial litigation client


…Mr. McGough is a great asset and he will definitely take your case to where you need it to be. After I had been lost in the big world of laws and regulations, he brought me the best outcome. He always made the right decisions. He helped me learn and do things right; he made me a better client. I have never seen, heard or known of a more accommodating, understanding, helpful and professional attorney than him in my entire life…

Mustafa A. – pro bono immigration client (granted asylum by the U.S. Executive Office for Immigration Review, May 2012)


I was in what felt like a really bad position as just a little person going up against a bigger company. They had screwed me over and the contract was really … muddy. From the time I first met with Rob, I felt comfortable throughout the entire process and I knew he understood what my needs were. He always made me feel like he had my back (financially and mentally), and sure enough we were able to settle prior to having to go to trial. I can’t say how much it means to me that Rob took my case without what – to a business at least – would seem like a high dollar amount at stake. He made it really clear that it’s not always about the money for him, and I could tell he meant it.

Allison S., commercial litigation client


…I recently needed legal advice for my severance package and Rob was recommended to me by a friend.  Even though the advice I needed would be a short one time deal he committed the time and treated me as if I was a top client.  Before signing any legal document I highly recommend seeking Rob’s qualified, personalized legal advice…

Kylene A. – business law client


Rob – THANK YOU -THANK YOU-!!!! For  two years  the case had been nagging me.  Until the other party also being harassed said ” its time to get legal council and get rid of this flea.”   In searching for representation I was fortunate  to have you  highly recommended .   Now I want to  RECOMMEND YOU!!    Rob – you were so thorough and  FAST  and  extremely competent and HONEST-  getting  the case dismissed  in  lightening speed – I can’t THANK YOU enough.   But the icing is  when you gave me a REFUND  on the deposit…  As  I  share my positive   experience with  some of my friends and clients – no one has ever heard of anyone  ever receiving a REFUND.     :- ))

Barbara  G. – commercial litigation client


If you want an effective and ethical lawyer look no further.  Robert McGough took on a large corporation and we walked away the victors.  After months of fighting with this company ourselves and getting nowhere we hired Robert.   We were frustrated and ready to knock heads but, instead of taking expensive action right away, he convinced us to let him do some inexpensive negotiating instead.  It worked!  Robert McGough communicated clearly and quickly and was responsive to our needs and questions.  We would highly recommend him for problems both big and small.

Michelle Stansbury – commercial litigation client


Rob is THEEEE go to attorney for business legal matters. I was dealing with a frivolous lawsuit that he couldn’t even believe was happening and it’s finally over thanks to his hard work and dedication to my case. He’s smart, punctual and an animal when dealing with opposing counsel. He has also helped me with contracts for licensing. I highly recommend him for anything you need!

Sarah R. – commercial litigation client


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