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Skilled, Experienced Guidance from Seasoned Commercial Litigators

As you know, endeavoring toward success in business often entails exposure to risk, including the risk of litigation. Lawsuits are an unfortunate reality of the business landscape, but, if managed correctly, they do not have to threaten your business’s bottom line. We help small and medium-sized businesses navigate legal challenges through efficient representation designed to minimize costs while maximizing results. We emphasize the use of alternative dispute resolution, including informal negotiation, mediation, and binding arbitration in order to avoid the costs associated with full-blown litigation. However, should full-blown litigation become necessary, we are well-positioned to vigorously prosecute your rights and defend all that you have so painstakingly built.

Attorney Robert E. McGough has over 15 years of experience handling all stages of commercial litigation, and have represented numerous commercial clients, large and small, before state and federal courts and administrative agencies. If your business has been legally wronged or has been accused of wrong-doing, call us today for a consultation.

For more information about the Firm’s general commercial litigation practice, please contact attorney Robert E. McGough by telephone at (202) 253-3879 or by email at


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