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Commercial Real Estate Litigation

Experienced Guidance from Skilled Commercial Litigators

Our real estate litigation clients range from owners to developers, landlords, commercial tenants, real estate management companies, homeowners’ associations and contractors.

We pride ourselves on efficient management of each individual case, minimizing our clients’ costs wherever possible. Our team works diligently to help our clients resolve a wide range of disputes efficiently and effectively, whether they concern commercial leases, land use, common area maintenance agreements, interpretation and enforcement of real property instruments including easements and declarations, or other related commercial and business disputes.

Our commercial real estate practice covers a variety of actions, including

  • Commercial Lease Disputes
    • CAM, taxes, and rent disputes
    • Owner-tenant disputes
    • Demolition clause disputes
    • Termination clause disputes
    • Early lease termination clause disputes
    • Renewal clause disputes
    • Tenant default disputes
    • Landlord default disputes
    • Forcible entry and detainer actions
    • Improper use/non-permitted use disputes
    • Access disputes
    • Zoning/development/legal use rights disputes
    • Surrender disputes
  • Condominium Association & Co-Operative Corporation Disputes
    • Nuisance proceedings
    • Non-payment of common charges
    • Alteration Agreement disputes
    • Conversion disputes
  • Dissolution Proceedings Relating to Entities Owning Real Property
  • Contract Deposit and Other Litigation Relating to Contracts for Sale of Real Property
    • Specific performance claims
    • Interpleader actions
    • Broker commission disputes
    • Breach of contract claims
  • Bankruptcy-Related Real Estate Litigation
  • Eminent Domain and Condemnation Proceedings
  • Guarantee Disputes
  • Land Use Litigation
    • Development rights disputes
    • Easement disputes
    • Adverse possession claims
    • Nuisance claims
    • Quiet title actions
  • Managing Agent Litigation
    • Breach of management agreement claims
    • Negligence claims
  • Mechanic’s and Broker’s Liens
  • Spurious Liens

For more information about the Firm’s commercial real estate litigation practice, please contact attorney Robert E. McGough by telephone at (202) 253-3879 or by email at

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